Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Zimbabwe’s Opposition Leader Is Seized

From The New York Times:
[Robert] Mugabe, 83, who has vowed to crush opposition to his rule, was to attend an emergency meeting of Southern African leaders in Tanzania on Wednesday focusing on the political turmoil in his country.

Another triumph for democracy in Zimbabwe. Can't someone find Zimbabwe's once heroic resistance leader, grown corrupt and abusive with too much power for way too long (no racism intended--that's better than what I have to say about Bush), a really nice retirement villa, one way transportation included? Actually, speaking of Saudi Arabia, now that Idi Amin's retirement home is no longer occupied...
To seal the deal, maybe the great Forest Whitaker could be induced to do the movie bio? Or promise not to?

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lal said...

it's all over for mugabe---his vice president is said to have resigned. it's a matter of months.
it's about time for mbeki ,who is the big man in the area to give a little push.