Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Gonzales Watch: Prosecutors Assail Gonzales During Meeting--Some Parting Reflections

From The New York Times::


The more we learn, the more sickening this all becomes.

I've long thought that the Republicans, and those who provide their enduring base of support, had a winning, if repulsive, ideological/political strategy. As the anti-tax, anti-government party, their incompetence and multiple failures running the government would bring discredit and contempt upon the very idea of government capacity to do good in the world. Their failures in government would redound to their ultimate, long-term ideological success, even if they took some short-term hits along the way. In brief, they would win for losing.

But is it just conceivable that there is a level of incompetence and official depravity that may finally wake up the slumbering masses to this cynical con game? After Katrina, after Iraq, after all the lies and coverups and political manoeuvres, will this gang of backroom plotters and losers and flunkies finally convince the electorate, such as it is, that we should have people who believe in the necessity of decent and honest and capable government, running the show?

Maybe we could even find some such people and bring them into politics.
(We did in 1974. Some are still around.)

Oh, the money part. Right.

It's early. I must still be dreaming.

Some parting words to reflect upon. Now I have to pack.

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