Thursday, March 22, 2007

A Passing ( Not Very Comforting) Thought on Comfort

I may think better of this later, but...

If the primary desideratum of our work is to make people feel comfortable, maybe we should operate a lounge rather than a law school.

Speaking for myself, I learn, teach, change and grow best when there is some electricity coursing through the environment, and some edge in the conversation.

When I am maximally comfortable, I take a nap.


TWB said...

Perhaps needless to add, but I will add it anyway: too much electricity can short-circuit the proceedings, and require a restart.

The examined life is typically more about balance than pure ideology, taken to its logical extremes. Aristotle was on to something. So was Maimonides. I'm sure they are both grateful for my approbation.

TWB said...

Or should I have said, "a sudden surge"?

Is there no limit to the idiocy of our public policy?

At some point I'll try to talk about Iraq. The very short version: Leslie Gelb, Peter Galbraith three states (or substantially autonomous regions, all with a piece of the oil money), and monitored population exchanges in the big cities (a la India and Pakistan).
US mobile special forces to target terrorist concentrations in Anbar and elsewhere, as needed, with incentives to the Sunni leadership to cooperate.

And this in a second-order comment on Maimonides and law school lounges? Surely I'm daft!