Monday, March 26, 2007

Reagan Budget Chief Charged With Fraud

Reagan Budget Chief Charged With Fraud - New York Times

If memory serves, David Stockman was one of the conceptual architects and principal governmental spokesmen under President Reagan for what has come to be known as the policy of "starving the beast": huge tax cuts, followed by enormous budget deficits and a towering national debt, providing the rationale for a generation of curtailing discretionary domestic programs, particularly those providing assistance to poor and working class Americans.

Stockman got caned, and later canned, for letting himself be a little too public (and preening excessively) about the strategy (which he was in charge of implementing).

Which drove the country toward bankruptcy.

And provided the policy model for our current Administration.

At least Stockman's learned to be a bit more discreet: it seems this time he was indicted for covering things up, not letting them all hang out.

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