Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Va. Supreme Court denies appeal challenging school's coed swtich

Daily Press (Newport News, VA): By MICHAEL FELBERBAUM (AP)

RICHMOND, Va. - A three judge panel of Virginia Supreme Court on Tuesday denied an appeal challenging a decision by the former Randolph-Macon Woman's College to admit men.

Earlier this month, lawyers for a group of students at the Lynchburg school challenged the coed status of the college asked the state's high court to grant an appeal of the lawsuit. The group had said the school breached an implied contract with students when its governing board decided to admit men.

College officials have said the decision to admit men after 116 years was largely a financial one. The school officially changed its name to Randolph College on July 1 as it prepares to admit 67 men in the fall....

An appeal of a second lawsuit by a group of seven students and donors, which claims the school's board can't use the college's assets to benefit men, is still pending.

That suit, also dismissed in January, claims the school is a "non-stock, charitable corporation" that accepted donations during a time when its mission was to educate women.

It was a triumph a generation ago when formerly all male institutions "broke" donative provisions limiting benefits to (often white) males. This?

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