Friday, August 3, 2007

Truth About Tillman ... Murder's Not 'Friendly Fire'

Huffington Post: By RJ Eskow
Once again, the Administration is pulling the old magician's trick of misdirection, this time in the Pat Tillman case. And once again, the press is falling for it. Donald Rumsfeld and Gen. Myers focused on 'what they knew and when' -- to borrow the Watergate phrase -- rather than the core issue at the heart of the Pat Tillman matter, which is this:

Pat Tillman was almost certainly murdered, and fratricide is not 'friendly fire.'

Yet a Google News search on the terms 'Tillman' and 'friendly fire' yielded 1,044 hits today, all from the last 24 hours. That's after the facts behind the fratricide are widely known - and after a number of clues that suggest the entire command structure, from the White House on down, concealed a murder from the public and took no steps to investigate it.

There's your story....

I have not been following this story with great care. Eskow puts many of the (post-fratricide) pieces together in compelling, and chilling, form. Read it.

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