Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Women's Bioethics Project

Women's Bioethics Project:
It’s not Sci-Fi. It’s real life. It’s your life. The rapid advance of biotechnology is outpacing our ability as a society to absorb the effect it will have on our lives. Real life scenarios that were beyond our collective imagination a decade ago leave many of us today struggling to comprehend and evaluate the implications that they may have on daily life. From stem cell research to the Schiavo case, it is a whole new world. These issues affect women in profound ways because of how directly their bodies and roles are touched by them. Women carry babies, live longer, and predominately provide care for children, the sick, disabled, and elderly. Moreover, globally, women are more likely to be impoverished, and unable to access health care. Many new technologies are still in their infancy. Debate about them is just beginning. Now is the time for women to weigh in on these issues. Won't you join us?

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