Friday, August 3, 2007

Giuliani's Health Care Plan: Making Him A Stronger Candidate?

The Huffington Post: By John Harwood:
Harwood's suck-up column on Giuliani's non-plan for health care contains nothing of interest (much like the plan itself). I did like this comment by a reader, identified as DMuhl:

The day after his Rochester speech, I walked into my cigar store hangout in New York, and there was Rudy Giuliani enjoying a cigar and strategizing with an aide. He's a regular, so it's no surprise to see him there, but it was the first time I'd seen him since he announced he's running for president. I couldn't let the moment pass.

After his meeting he did some glad-handing with the rest of us, joked about how he has to hang out his apartment window when he smokes a cigar, then headed to the back of the store. I followed him. I told him I'd heard what he said about single payer health insurance, and I totally disagreed. He said, 'That's okay, you can disagree.' Before he could walk past me, I told him that my brother was a doctor with the VA, and he supported a single payer system. I added that the VA provided preventitive [sic] care that was comparable to the private sector, but at a cost of 30% less than private insurance. He mumbled something about how it would be nice if there was a demand for that (I had no idea what he meant). As he headed for the door, I told him I pay $664 a month for health insurance just for myself. Before I could finish the sentence, he was on the street. The thing is, he left in such a hurry, he forgot to pay for his cigars. A salesman had to chase him down and bring him back to the store to settle up. I told the salesman he should've let him go, and called the New York Post.

And Giuliani is supposedly one of the more "moderate" Republican candidates. What a horror.

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