Sunday, August 5, 2007

McCain's one option to revive his campaign

Slate Magazine:By John Dickerson
If McCain wants to prove he's still committed to winning, it's time for him to throw his Hail Mary pass. That can only mean one thing: doubling down on his support for continuing the war in Iraq and taking on his opponents for being half-hearted about it. His big chance to do this will come in Sunday's early morning Republican debate, the first since the McCain campaign went into its graveyard spiral. ...Given how much more knowledgeable he is than his opponents on security and defense issues, McCain stands to win any argument he provokes on the subject. ...

Gee, one might have thought that the substance of the positions might have something to to with it. But I suppose that if the debate is limited to fellow Republicans, Ron Paul is marginalized, and Chuck Hegel's hat is still in his closet, there's not much competing substance to consider.

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