Thursday, July 12, 2007

Love that ersatz octopus

Jerusalem Post:
Glatt kosher sushi, English lessons and health foods are some of the new haredi consumer trends identified by participants in a Ramat Gan conference Wednesday that was from start to finish an ode to haredi buying power....The glatt (mehadrin) kosher sushi bars in Ramat Gan's Diamond Exchange and at the Tel Aviv Hilton might be signs of a strengthening haredi consumer market. ... But this is only one part of the story. Most haredi families are still just trying to make ends meet.

Sushi is good. I suppose this is progress.

"Heredi" roughly corresponds to "ultra-Orthodox."

"Glatt kosher" is a more exacting standard of kosher fitness, originally referring to subtle imperfections in the lung tissue of kosher mammals. How exactly it refers to sushi is something of a mystery to me. I remain to be educated.

I wonder if they reject lesbian tuna?

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