Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A message to the moderate Arabs: With Hamas there's no reconciliation, only confrontation

Haaretz : By Shmuel Rosner
Here is a clarification that was issued this week: The Bush administration has no interest in a dialogue with Hamas. This was one of the main messages in Bush's speech, and it was directed at important listeners in three Arab cities: Ramallah, Cairo and Riyadh. Having been burned by the surprise of the Mecca Agreement, and the formation of the Palestinian unity government, the Americans wished to make it clear this week to PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, publicly, that they would not look with understanding upon another reconciliation attempt that would essentially bring Hamas back into the arena. They hope, but are not entirely certain, that the message will be received by the Egyptians and also the Saudis - the perpetual potential facilitators of a 'Palestinian reconciliation.' The United States does not want a reconciliation. It wants a confrontation. It wants a decisive victory....

It is against this backdrop that the covert message to Israel must be understood: You ought to close a deal with Fayad and Abbas. For seven years you've been complaining that there's "no partner" on the Palestinian side. First it was Yasser Arafat and then it was Hamas. Now you've got the dream team over there. You won't get anything better.

Read Hass, then Rosner, then Hass again--nearly a perpetual motion machine, based on more or less the same facts. Both published in Haaretz. The same day. And in the Arab press?

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