Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Giuliani Calls for Tax Breaks to Buy Health Insurance

New York Times Blog:
The decision by the Giuliani campaign to address health care so early in the primary is a clear recognition of the broad dissatisfaction among voters with the current system, both for those who do have coverage and for the millions who are uninsured.

Using explicitly partisan language, obviously intended to stir memories of Senator Hillary Clinton’s failed bid to reform health care more than a decade ago, Mr. Giuliani cited a series of horror stories and selective statistics about health care in foreign countries that cover all their citizens. Mr. Giuliani said that “socialist” model would bankrupt the government.

“That is where Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John Edwards are taking you,” he said. “You have got to see the trap. Otherwise we are in for a disaster. We are in for Canadian health care, French health care, British health care.”

If only...And from the NYTimes Blog:

Yes, the horror of the “socialist” solution, like in France or Italy, ranked #1 and #2 by the WHO organization for overall quality of health care.

Instead, we have to make sure large corporations make enormous profits in the most innefficient system in the western world.

I’m truly amazed that intelligent people can continue to fall for this fear-mongering nonsense.

I’m embarrassed to be an American citizen when I read garbage like this.

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