Monday, July 9, 2007

It's time for the Jewish community to pressure Israel to accept peace

The Daily Star (Editorial) :

Jewish people around the world have long embraced a mythical view of Israel as a benevolent, modern-day David fighting off the menacing Goliath of the Arab nations. Israel, as the myth goes, is like a weak and tiny island statelet surrounded by an ocean of hostile states and peoples that have rejected peace and instead have actively sought out the destruction of the Jewish state. ...

It is time for Jewish people around the world to adopt a more realistic view of the state of Israel, and it is doubly urgent to do so now because there is an historic opportunity at hand. The Arab League is sending envoys this week to Israel on a mission to promote the Arab peace initiative, a vision of a two-state solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict that has been endorsed by all of the league's members. In other words, the Arabs are offering the Israelis a chance to achieve peace. If this gesture does not shatter the myths about Israel's neighbors, nothing will. ...

The goal of peace is within reach, and Jewish people around the world have a duty to encourage Israel to grab it.

I'm not sure how much of a Jewish audience sees the Daily Star of Lebanon, but it is urging world Jewry to encourage Israel to make peace.

You saw it here first.

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lal said...

unfortunately the stumbling blocks on both sides remain as intractable as ever---moreover the political disarray of both the israeli and palestinian "governments" makes negotiation particularly difficult.
the arab league visit to israel is an important gesture,however, it will be interesting to see how all sides screw it up.