Monday, July 16, 2007

Is our family annoying because we own a Prius?

Slate Magazine: By Emily Bazelon
Why are Prius sales surging when other hybrids are slumping, the Times asked? Because buyers 'want everyone to know they are driving a hybrid.' According to a marketing survey (which the Times ran in a graphic I couldn't hide from), more buyers bought the Prius this year because it 'makes a statement about me' (57 percent) than because of its better gas mileage (36 percent) or lower carbon dioxide emissions (25 percent) or new technology (7 percent).

If I'm being honest, I'd answer 'all of the above' in response to that survey. It also made me worry about how my kids perceive our family Prius ownership. Do they think we're doing our small bit to save the Earth, or are they imbibing a look-at-me smugness?

Of possible sins that middle class families can commit, this seems to me rather low down on the list...Ditto on my list of things to worry about...

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