Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Group, City Meet on Muslim Scarf Ban

New York Times:
ATLANTA (AP) -- Officials of a south Georgia city where a Muslim woman was prohibited from wearing a traditional head scarf into a municipal courtroom met with members of a national Muslim advocacy group on Wednesday.

The Washington-based Council on American-Islamic Relations said no resolution was reached in the case of Aniisa Karim, a 20-year-old who said she was banned from entering the Valdosta municipal court building on June 26 unless she took off the scarf. ...

Karim, a Baltimore native who works for a Valdosta radio station, was attempting to contest a speeding ticket when she was stopped by a security officer. She said she explained that she wore the traditional garment for religious reasons, but was denied entry due to ''homeland security'' concerns.

A scarf? Give me a break!
There may be some limits, necessary in some settings, but this seems ridiculous, and unjustifiably discriminatory.

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