Thursday, July 19, 2007

Emmy Voters Snub Dexter, FNLights

New York Times:
Michael C. Hall, a critics' favorite for his title role on the Showtime network drama 'Dexter' as a charming forensics investigator who murders criminals by night, was one of several noteworthy Emmy prospects who failed to clinch a nomination.

Hall earned a nod in 2002 for his portrayal of the prodigal son who returns to run his family's funeral business on HBO's now-departed hit 'Six Feet Under.' But many critics thought he was equally deserving of a mention for his chillingly nuanced role as Dexter Morgan.

Another glaring omission from this year's race, for some Emmy watchers, was the NBC football drama 'Friday Night Lights.' The freshman show, nearly canceled due to low ratings, was a leading critics' choice for best drama but failed to make the cut except in two minor categories.

Hall's performance as Dexter is brilliant, and deserving of recognition (although I am a sucker for Gandolfini in his final season as Tony). I also enjoy Hugh Laurie's exceptional work as Dr. House. (These are all complex characterizations.) I could do without Jack Bauer.

I somehow stumbled upon Friday Night Lights, despite my lack of interest (or worse) in high school sports (as opposed to serial murder?). It won me over with its strong characters and (for series tv) relative honesty and insight into those characters' lives. It saddens, but does not surprise, me that it has not won a larger popular following. Grey's Anatomy? Feh.

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