Sunday, July 8, 2007

CJLS: 1992-93 Papers on Homosexuality

Rabbinical Assembly: Index to Papers, 1992-93
* Consensus Statement on Homosexuality EH 24.1992a
* Joel Roth, 'Homosexuality' EH 24.1992b
* Reuven Kimmelman, 'Homosexuality and the Policy Decisions of the CJLS' EH 24.1992c
* Mayer E. Rabinowitz, 'On Homosexuality' EH 24.1992d
* Elliot Dorff, 'Jewish Norms for Sexual Behavior: A Responsum Embodying a Proposal' EH 24.1992e
* Kassel Abelson, 'The Status of Homosexuals in the Synagogue: A Concurring Opinion' EH 24.1992f
* Avram Israel Reisner, 'On Homosexuality and Biblical Imperatives: A Concurrence' EH 24.1992g
* Howard Handler, 'In the Image of God: A Dissent in Favor of the Full Equality of Gay and Lesbian Jews Into the Community of Conservative Judaism' EH 24.1992h
* Kassel Abelson, 'Placing Homosexual Rabbis in Congregations' EH 24.1993a
* Arnold Goodman, 'Placing Homosexual Rabbis in Congregations' EH 24.1993b
* Aaron Mackler, 'A Concurring Opinion to Arnold M. Goodman's 'Placing Homosexual Rabbis in Congregations'' EH 24.1993c
* Ben Zion Bergman, 'The Gay Placement Question: A Dissenting Opinion' EH 24.1993d

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