Friday, July 20, 2007

A Blogging Query

How does one note, semi-ostentatiously, that one does not deign to blog about certain declasse subjects in the news or blogosphere, without blowing it by actually naming them? I gather some mass market celebrity throwaway put on its cover a prominent sticker promising a Par*s-Free issue, which rather defeats the stated purpose (while also highlighting how un-Par*s-Free its other issues tend to be). In this instance, I'm dancing around a Washington Post "fashion" piece which I deem unworthy of discussion here. My intellectual and high political hauteur will not be diminished by coverage of couture (and that which is, or isn't, covered by it).

ADDENDUM:The subject adverted to but not explicitly mentioned here is reportedly the third most often googled topic of the day. I remain resolute, but provide a link to the report:Broadsheet:

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