Friday, April 13, 2007

Paul Soglin on Wisconsin's judicial election

I've commented a cople of times previously, but very briefly, on the problem of third party independent expenditures on state judicial elections. Paul Soglin does far better:
Waxing America: Swift Boating Annette Ziegler Style

Regardless of the ineptness of the Linda Clifford campaign, the Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce (WMC) swiftboating of Clifford must be recognized as the decisive force in the Supreme Court election. Now WMC used swiftboating twice with great success. It is not going to pass quietly in the night. It is here to stay.

* WMC has every reason to use this technique in all state wide races and selected legislative races.
* While most people find the technique a repudiation of civil discourse, untroubled WMC gunners only know that success speaks for itself.
* Since the individuals who contribute to the WMC front organization remain nameless and faceless, there is no reason for them to worry about public recrimination or humiliation as a party to this travesty.
* You have to wonder if the boards of directors of major Wisconsin corporations really want to be a party to this. Perhaps most of them are not aware of their own complicity.
* This creature can be destroyed by exposure to sunlight.
* I doubt that any of us can directly obtain the records showing where the money came from. We can apply pressure to the WMC members and sympathetic officials and shareholders. They in turn will take the steps necessary to identify the participants.

Paul, any comment from you on Madison's new General Vang Pao school?

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