Sunday, April 8, 2007

Couric 60 Minutes Interview with John and Elizabeth Edwards... and Some Tortured Reflections on the Clintons

From CBS:

Here is the much debated Katie Couric 60 Minutes interview with Elizabeth and John Edwards. I don't have anything more to say about Couric here, but I am much impressed with the dignity and humanity of Elizabeth and John Edwards.

I'll take them over the Clintons, whose 60 Minutes performance in 1992 successfully covered over some tragic failures of character and forthrightness that undermined the Clinton Presidency.

I don't think I am naive about the "hardball" character of Presidential campaigns, but I am praying we don't see an all-out reprise of the Clinton War Room during the primary season.

For what it's worth:

I was a strong Clinton supporter in 1992, and was ecstatic at his election-- and at Hillary's potential to create a new, less robotic model as First Spouse and political partner in his Administration. I have never been so disappointed politically as I was with their performance in office, and with the massive, calamitous failure of their health care initiative. Suppose Bill had the integrity and public responsibility to face up to the consequences of his irresponsible dalliance with "that woman", to tell the American people the truth, and, if necessary, to resign his office. Most likely, we would have experienced six, or perhaps nearly ten, years of a Gore presidency, attending to our environmental responsibilities, harnessing the potential of scientific and technological progress, working constructively with our allies, and most likely not pursuing a losing, disastrous and unnecessary war in Iraq. And, perhaps, considering whether to elevate Vice President Hillary Rodham (Clinton?) to the Presidency in the 2008 elections. Not that I hold anything against our former President, probably the most gifted--if self-indulgent-- political leader of my lifetime.

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