Friday, June 15, 2007

Poll: 54% of Israelis say Diaspora Jews have no right to criticize Israel

From Haaretz : By Amiram Barkat

Some 54 percent of Jewish Israelis believe that Jews living outside the country have no right to publicly criticize the government of Israel, since they do not live here, a poll revealed.

Forty percent said Diaspora Jews do have a right to criticize Israel, 'because every Jew is a partner in Israel no matter where they live.'

Somehow I'd expect the results of a poll of Israeli Jews to sum to more, rather than less, than 100%. Maybe you needed to be there.
I assume my position on the question is clear to any reader of this blog. As is my view that American Jews should be better informed and more knowledgeable about the range of views openly debated every day in Israeli society.

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