Thursday, June 7, 2007

Why Israel Is More Insecure Than Ever Before

Here is a view from the Saudi Arab News:
Why Israel Is More Insecure Than Ever Before:
Israel is too educated a society not to know it. A large number of its citizens are aware of the harm done by occupation and colonization to its own value systems. There is, admittedly, even now a section of its population for which the Six Day War was a sign of God returning to the chosen people after turning His face away for a millennium or two. For them colonization of Arab lands by force is God’s work that should make them rightly disdainful of the views of the rest of the world. Then there is a formidable coalition of militarists and capitalists that believes, not without reason, that the 1967 war created an economy that took per capita income from $1500 to $24000 in just 40 years. But there is an increasing number of Israelis who understand that occupation has made their country more insecure and paranoid. It has locked them in an endless conflict, subverted pristine Judaism, distorted the economy and created an almost unbridgeable gulf between the rich and the poor, and made the world look at Israel as a nation of illegal occupiers condemned to a life of violence. Israel’s academic community is at present greatly exercised over the description of their state by the British University and College Union as an “apartheid state engaging in crimes against humanity in occupied territories”.

— Tanvir Ahmad Khan is a former foreign secretary and ambassador of Pakistan.

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