Sunday, June 3, 2007

Warmed-over soup: demise of the Israeli Labor Party

From Haaretz :
...And another cliche is flourishing: The state, they explain to us, greatly needs Labor because without it there is no social-democratic party here worthy of the name. And who wouldn't agree? Only one little problem clouds this understanding: This is not the social democracy for which we prayed.

A party that even during its term in office allowed gaps to widen and poverty to increase and avoided social and economic ministries is not a Labor party. A party that also actively perpetuated occupation and repression is not Labor. A party that missed an opportunity for peace and did not miss an opportunity for war, and even now remains silent and is missing out on negotiations with Syria, by what name should it be called? A party that participated in almost all the governments, had difficulty pulling itself from the teats of abundance and was incapable of serving as an opposition is a lost party.

Here is a much more critical perspective on what has become of the Israeli Labor party, on both its social welfare agenda and the quest for peace

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