Friday, June 8, 2007

War Notions: Victory, Defeat, Reality

LTE New York Times: "
The fact is that the United States has already been defeated in this war, that the defeat was predictable, and was in fact predicted even before the invasion. More important than military defeat, the United States has been morally disgraced both for starting the war and for its conduct of the war, unleashing unfathomable levels of death and misery on Iraqis.

It is the war’s initiators and supporters who are responsible for the terrible consequences of the American disgrace in Iraq. It is absurd to be “against defeat”: what we need now are those who can grapple with its reality.

Nathaniel Berman
The writer is a professor of international law at Brooklyn Law School.

Now that's an LTE that deserved publishing!
But we need more on constructive grappling.

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