Friday, June 15, 2007

Palestinians’ Split Deepens Even as Gaza Is Calmer

From The New York Times:
Amid the confusion and some scattered violence – two revenge killings were reported today in Gaza -- Hamas leaders suggested that their bolstered control in Gaza could help free a BBC reporter, Alan Johnston, kidnapped in Gaza in March.

In a midnight news conference a spokesman for Hamas’s military wing, Abu Obeidah, said Hamas had made contact with the captors of kidnapped BBC journalist Alan Johnston, and is taking 'serious and practical steps' to win his release, according to an Associated Press report.

He told reporters that Hamas 'will not allow anyone to attack journalists or foreigners, because they are helping our people.'

Mr. Johnston is believed to be held by the Dagmush clan, which has been at different times allied with both Hamas and Fatah and is believed to be asking for millions of dollars for Mr. Johnston’s release.

Got that right.

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