Tuesday, June 19, 2007

More Job Hopping at Top Law Schools

lawjobs.com Career Center :
The moves not only signify a generational shift at Harvard but they also demonstrate the abundance of job hopping occurring among professors at the upper echelon of law schools.

Harvard's strategy of decreasing the number of students per faculty member and to replace aging faculty members who have retired has created a trickle-down movement, say observers, that has resulted in a flood of job changes among professors at other top schools. The school's plan, combined with one by another giant, Columbia Law School, to sharply boost its faculty size, has intensified the cutthroat competition, with law schools finding the need to watch their backs more than ever.

'There's a sucking sound from the top,' said Brian Leiter, a professor at University of Texas School of Law who tracks faculty moves on his blog, Leiter's Law School Reports.

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