Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Local boy makes good

Capital Times:
LAS VEGAS (AP) -- Phil Hellmuth Jr. has become the winningest World Series of Poker player ever, beating 2,627 other players to win his 11th series tournament and move past Doyle Brunson and Johnny Chan in the bracelet race.

Hellmuth, a 42-year-old who dropped out of the University of Wisconsin-Madison to play professionally, won a $1,500 buy-in No Limit Hold'em event, beating Andy Philacheck at the final table to take home $637,254 in prize money, which was deposited on the felt in customary fashion. ...

Hellmuth, known in poker circles as the "brat" because of his complaints about opponents' play, appeared to live up to his nickname in the win.

"As I told him, he only called seven people an idiot on the way to winning it," Brunson said. "There's no put-on with him. He says what he thinks and he doesn't attempt to be diplomatic."

My last dropout story concerned Bill Gates, from Harvard (who just got an honorary doctorate, apparently after threatening a hostile takeover of the University). This is one of ours, at UW. (Would he have learned nicer manners had he stayed?)

Not everyone requires a college degree. Follow your bliss.

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