Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Leiter Reports: Martha Nussbaum and Wikipedia: A Case Study in the Unreliability of Information on the Internet

Leiter Reports::

Some philosophers will recall the curious spectacle awhile back of the philosopher of mind David Chalmers intervening in a Wikipedia discussion to correct misstatements of his views about consciousness, only to be 'told off' by an anonymous Wikipedia editor! (Chalmers himself took a more charitable view of the matter.)

Now we have Wikipedia foolishness redux, this time with the entry on Martha Nussbaum (this is a link to the current version, which may change, hopefully for the better!). A scholar who actually knows something about Nussbaum's work posted a corrected entry (you can see it here or here: Download martha_nussbaumwiki.rtf ), only to have it promptly undone by an anonymous editor who deemed it 'unsourced'! I invite readers who have some patience for dealing with Wikipedia's hordes of ill-informed (and often biased) anonymous editors to see about getting the current version in line with the accurate version.

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