Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Health care bill gains Moore support on Capitol Hill

Cleveland Plain Dealer:
Lawmakers who want to establish a publicly financed national health care system hope a new Michael Moore documentary called 'Sicko,' which highlights current health care delivery problems, will win converts to their cause.

Moore appeared at a jam-packed Capitol Hill press conference this afternoon to tout his movie and urge support for the United States National Health Insurance Act, authored by Michigan Democratic Rep. John Conyers. Its 74 co-sponsors include Democrats Dennis Kucinich...
Moore singled out Kucinich for particular praise at the beginning of his remarks.

'Thank you, Dennis Kucinich, for running for president and at each of the debates bringing up a very important issue and requesting that our fellow Democrats state specific positions on how we are going to bring health care to all Americans and remove the profit incentive for health care,' said Moore.

Kucinich, who has been actively seeking backers for what he calls 'the Conyers-Kucinich bill,' predicts Moore's documentary will boost support for the bill in Congress and among the public.

'This issue affects one out of three Americans, 46 million Americans without health insurance, 50 million Americans underinsured,' Kucinich said.

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