Thursday, June 14, 2007

Father's Day

Father's Day
This will be my first father's day without a father.
And, after today's moving and meaningful funeral, a dear friend's first father's day without his son.
Baruch dayan emet.


c0de said...

This is my 3rd Father's Day would remind me about him again. You are lucky he became a father to you.

This father's day, my father is alive but I'm still sad. =(
Here's why:

Alan Jay Weisbard said...

Readers can follow c0de's post link for the story.
My father and I had some difficult times, but mostly I count my blessings.
And I miss him terribly.
Being at a funeral today was very hard. The wounds are still very raw, and reliving the burial was excruciating.
I am so glad we found our way to reconciliation, and being able to say goodbye with love and appreciation for one another. That was indeed a blessing.