Friday, June 15, 2007

Duke Case Prosecutor Says He Will Resign

From The New York Times: By DUFF WILSON and JOHN HOLUSHA

RALEIGH, N.C. June 15 — Durham County district attorney Michael B. Nifong said today he plans to resign his job, after admitting that he had “crossed the line” of ethical standards in some of the public statements he made about the Duke University lacrosse players he charged with rape.

An emotional Mr. Nifong made his announcement on the stand at the end of several hours of testimony in a state bar association hearing on whether he had violated ethical standards for prosecutors.

He apologized to the families of the Duke students he had charged, and for any harm he had done to the criminal justice system in North Carolina. And choking back tears, he added that he did not lie in his handling of the case, and he would continue to defend himself against allegations that he had.

Joe Cheshire, a lawyer for one of the Duke defendants, said afterward “I believe it’s a cynical, political attempt to save his law license. His apology is far too late.”

Mr. Nifong said that the last 14 months have been very hard on him and his family, as it has been the families of the men who were accused of rape.

Too bad about his family.
But this probably kills that senior Justice Dept. appointment. Bushies never apologize, let alone resign.

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