Thursday, June 14, 2007

Despite Its Efforts to Retain Female Scholars, Harvard Loses a Top-Ranked Economist to Stanford

From The Chronicle of Higher Education: By ROBIN WILSON

Every year, Harvard University issues a report on how many female professors it has tried to hire, and how many women have accepted its offers. It has also put out two well-publicized reports on what the university can do to attract and hang onto female faculty members.

But the university has just lost one of its top-ranked African-American female scholars, who is part of an academic couple and who says Harvard did very little to try to keep her.

Caroline M. Hoxby is leaving Harvard's economics department for Stanford University this fall, along with her husband, Blair G. Hoxby, who had been working as an untenured professor of history and literature at Harvard since 2005 after spending seven years in the English department at Yale University. At Stanford, both will have tenured posts.

Congratulations to the Hoxbys, and to Stanford.
Harvard needs to do better--much better-- on recruiting and retaining minority and female faculty. (And it should grow some of its own, rather than raiding the rest of us!) Without knowing much about the particular facts here, this doesn't seem to bode well.

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