Sunday, May 13, 2007

Big Pharma and Med Students

The Chronicle: Daily news: 05/11/2007 -- 07: Medical Students' Group Gives 40 Schools an F on Policies Regarding Access by Drug Companies:

A majority of medical schools have no policies in place to prevent pharmaceutical companies from marketing drugs directly to students, according to a report released on Thursday by an advocacy group representing medical students from around the country.

For its '2007 PharmFree Scorecard,' the group, the American Medical Student Association, assigned medical schools a grade based on whether they had either initiated policies to prevent pharmaceutical companies from marketing on their campuses or were discussing establishing such a policy. Of the 117 schools that responded, only 14 received an A or B, and 40 received an F, meaning they neither had such a policy nor were discussing adopting one, or they actively encouraged students to interact with industry representatives.

'What we're calling out, and what we're upset with, are the marketing practices of the pharmaceutical industry...'

UW Med School is assigned a D on this scale.

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