Friday, May 18, 2007

French President Names New Cabinet

From The New York Times:
PARIS (AP) -- President Nicolas Sarkozy named his first Cabinet on Friday, radically revamping the government, with nearly as many women as men and humanitarian crusader Bernard Kouchner as France's new foreign minister....

Perhaps the biggest surprise in the conservative-led government was left-wing Kouchner, a co-founder of the Nobel Prize-winning Doctors Without Borders medical charity. Sarkozy reached over the political divide also in selecting Herve Morin, of a rival center-right party, as defense minister.

And in a related NYT story:

Sarkozy Chooses Campaign Aide as New French Premier to Help Smooth Way for Reform Plan:
Mr. Fillon [Sarkozy's choice for Prime Minister] said he would govern “in a spirit of outreach.”

What an instructive contrast with W after his designation as President by a closely-divided Supreme Court in 2000.

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