Thursday, May 24, 2007

Docs doing, learning abortions

Broadsheet -From
... the Los Angeles Times reports that for every abortion-rights setback, new medical students step up to buck the trend. 'For them,' the article says, 'doing abortions is an act of defiance -- a way of pushing back against mounting restrictions on a right they've taken for granted all their lives.'"...

"Most medical schools barely mention the subject and it's rarely included in ... residencies," says the article. "Just half the nation's obstetrics-gynecology residencies -- and only 20 out of 400 family practice residencies -- integrate abortion into physician training, according to Lois Backus, executive director of Medical Students for Choice. Most residents interested in the field must study on their own, often through after-hours electives in abortion clinics."

"They have to be enormously committed to work it in..."

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